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Elusive leopard captured on camera

Sunday, 06 September 2009 12:31
The Hluhluwe Honorary Officer's (HHO) latest project has produced sightings of two different leopard females roaming False Bay Park, Isimangaliso Wetlands Park in the Elephant Coast region. Ivan Davies, co-owner of Isinkwe Safaris and chairperson of the HHO Hluhluwe Branch reported.

The HHO members are currently involved in an exciting new project, which was initiated by the Ubumbo Honorary Officers from the Rhino Reserve in Northern Mkhuze.They have placed motion sensitive cameras in the Rhino Reserve and have been monitoring wild animals for years successfully and have approached the Hluhluwe members to place cameras in False Bay and assist them to extend their research to the Hluhluwe region.

After four weeks of recording Nyala, crocodiles, Red Duiker and even a Honey Badger the cameras eventually recorded the elusive leopard. Not only one, but two female leopards were spotted and captured one day apart by the two different cameras. The first leopard was captured on 04/09/2009 at 04h36 AM and the second on 05/09/2009 at 02h40 AM.
The data collected from the cameras will be forwarded to KZN Wildlife and utilized for research and the conservation